Buying a Piano

Looking for a Used Piano?

Condition is the Key to Value

Hundreds of manufacturers produced thousands of models and styles of pianos over the last 100 years. With countless used pianos to choose from, how can you find the instrument that meets your needs and expectations?


KEYS OF HOPE -  Piano Recycling and Purchase Program

Keys of Hope, located in the Teen Challenge Thrift Store at 2112 SW Jefferson St. in Peoria, has a selection of used pianos that are looking for a new home. All of the pianos have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and prepared for resale. They also have a variety of vintage pianos that you can choose to take as is, have it rebuilt, refurbished or recycled into a unique piece of furniture for your home. I helped create Keys of Hope in order to help support Teen Challenge Peoria - Men's Division. Check out the story on the HOME PAGE for more information.


Stop by and visit the shop or call me to arrange a time to meet and review our inventory. The Teen Challenge Thrift Store is open Monday thru Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. After-hours viewing is available. Call me to learn more!


Peace of Mind for Only $50

Call me to discuss your needs or fill in the form on my "Contact Us" page. If you have looked at a specific piano, schedule us for a $50.00 evaluation. I'll conduct a thorough assessment of the piano's structural and mechanical health and provide you with a 20-point written summary that covers:

  • the piano's age
  • current condition
  • estimated value "as is"
  • repairs needed for the piano to meet your expectations
  • anticipated future maintenance costs
  • estimated value after making necessary repairs


This small investment can help you avoid throwing away hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a piano that is being advertised as "only needs tuning".


The following are real-life examples of what we have discovered in the areas of pianos that most people never check before making their decision to buy.

We discovered this massive mouse nest while performing the first tuning after the buyer had moved the piano into his home.

(Click on the image to get a closer view)

Rodent Excrement and Damage

Rodent damage and excrement can be costly to your health and the health of your piano.

(Click on the image to get a closer view)