Life is like a piano...

What you get out of it depends on how you play it.

- Author Unknown

Welcome to Tom Sander Piano Service.  A piano in the home can provide unlimited hours of relaxation, comfort and enrichment to an individual or an entire family. No matter if you already own a piano or are interested in acquiring one, I am committed to helping you get the most out of your investment.


I created this web site to provide insightful and valuable resources for the current and future piano owner. If you have questions that are not answered here, please take time to contact me.

If pianos could talk, the stories they would tell!

Pianos are unique in many respects. They are amazing music factories made up of simple machines at work capable of producing melodies ranging from single tones to extraordinarilly complex, movements composed by the great masters. They are the only instrument that anyone can play with acceptable results. When properly cared for, they can live a very long time and it's rare to find a piano that has been with a single owner throughout its lifetime.


Pianos get passed down to children, grand children, friends and thrift stores and they often survive for generations. Some travel across the planet, yet others never leave home despite the home being bought and sold several times over. Every piano has a unique story tell, if they only could.


As a piano technician, I encounter clues about a piano's past whenever I open one up for service. I never know what I will find behind or underneath panels that have not been removed for years or decades. In the coming months I will share some of my experiences, but in the meantime, if you have a unique story to share about your piano, please email it to me at the address at the bottom of the page and check back often as I plan to regularly update this portion of the web site.